Should I Sell My Home Now Or Wait For A Better Price?

By Jo Mooney | 01/05/2022 | No Comments

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A common theme around questions I get from home owners considering selling is timing.

In other words, when’s the best time to sell their home &/or buy a new home.

Largely, these questions come back to a matter of dollars.

As in, will I make less or more if I sell at a specific time?

Now, I don’t have a working AND accurate crystal ball and as I have previously mentioned in other FAQ videos on this site, trying to “time the market” is a mug’s game, so in this video I give you some food for thought on how to deal with this question as it relates to your own personal situation.

Once you’ve watched the video, let me know your thoughts and any extra questions you have on the topic in the comments below.


Well, the question – the real question is what do you want the better price for?

Because if you are buying again, you’re only going to be paying a better price for the next one as well.

So if you are selling a property for the very last time, so it’s your last property transaction and you’re going into care or you are no longer going to be owning a property, or you’re releasing investment portfolios, those sort of things.

Again, timing – trying to time the market to – the only time that we know the market has peaked is once the prices start to drop.

And the only time we know that for sure we’ve hit the bottom of the market is when the prices start to go up.

So unless your crystal ball is a hell of a lot more reliable than mine, you’ve got to ask yourself, what are you waiting for?

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