Hi, it’s Jo Mooney here and the reason I’ve directed you to this page on my website is that I’ve noticed that after the events of the last 16 months there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty around real estate for City of Casey home owners…

Because of this, I’ve recently started writing blog posts & recording videos answering local homeowners’ questions about real estate, but I want to identify what are the BIG question/s that are challenging you & other local home owners, so I can answer them as well!

If you’re willing to fill in the form below with your answer, and submit it to me, I will add your question/s to my to-do list and answer it as soon as possible.

  • My question for you is:

    When it comes to real estate, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem that you've been struggling with? (Please be as detailed and specific as possible)

  • Please be as detailed and specific as possible